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Development and next step

In the long term the sustainability requirements will be global, like trade policy management. But Rome was not built in a day. This initiative is an initial step in a long process.

It’s important to remember that every biofuel has its specific sustainability issues and each country and producer has to take care of this in a way that is most appropriate for the individual case. The EU is working on its requirements, and Germany, England and the Netherlands are working on their own criteria. Unfortunately, none of them are currently giving enough consideration to the circumstances in Brazil. This initiative is important as a way of bridging the gap between production of sustainable ethanol and production of non-sustainable ethanol until EU legislation is in place.

When other countries discuss sustainability criteria for biofuels, they are often talking about a future, abstract market. In Sweden, it isn’t just about the future, it’s about here and now – the customer knows that when he or she uses ethanol (E85 or ED95), they are using an environmentally and socially sustainable product. Customer confidence in today’s ethanol is a prerequisite for creating future markets for sustainable ethanol.

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On our Q&A page you will find many questions about the sustainable ethanol initiative answered.

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The system for verified sustainable ethanol is still in development and we appreciate comments and suggestions for improvements.

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