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About the initiative

SEKAB winner of Sustainable Bioethanol Award 2009

Swedish bioenergy company SEKAB was presented the prestigious “Sustainable Bioethanol Award” for its development of verified sustainable ethanol and the technology for bioethanol based on cellulose at an event in Brussels including the world’s foremost leaders in biofuels. A British company, Green Power Conferences, lies behind the prize, which was awarded for the first time at the 2009 World Biofuels Markets Conference and Exhibition in Brussels. An independent jury comprising seven international researchers and scientists were responsible for the choice of SEKAB in the bioethanol category from a number of nominated companies.

Verified Sustainable Ethanol Initiative

Together with Brazilian ethanol producers, the Swedish company SEKAB has developed the Verified Sustainable Ethanol Initiative over the past year. The verified and traceable ethanol is available in Swedish pumps since August 2008. An independent international company will be performing on-site checks to make sure the producers are meeting the system's requirements.

"We think it is entirely justifiable that consumers and decision-makers are demanding guarantees that the ethanol we supply is environmentally, climatically, socially and ethically quality-assured and that it generates lower fossil carbon-dioxide emissions than those of petrol and diesel," says Anders Fredriksson, Deputy CEO of SEKAB BioFuels & Chemicals.

Sweden is far ahead of most EU countries on use of biofuel. As use of ethanol increases there is an increasing demand for sustainability declarations and certification. As the ongoing EU process seems to be dragging on, the trade associations BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation (BAFF), which represents the ethanol market in Sweden, and UNICA, which represents the sugar-cane industry in Brazil, have agreed to jointly drive a process with the aim of shifting the entire Brazilian ethanol industry towards more sustainable production.

Read more about the sustainability requirements here.

Aims of the Initiative

1. To physically guarantee Swedish consumers that they are filling up with good ethanol.
2. To increase the offering of verified sustainable ethanol in close collaboration with the Brazilian sugar industry.
3. To persuade other countries in Europe to develop systems for quality and sustainability assurance.
4. To expedite the development of international regulations for sustainable biofuels.




On our Q&A page you will find many questions about the sustainable ethanol initiative answered.

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Press Release

Swedish SEKAB is the first in the world to supply verified sustainable ethanol. This is ethanol from Brazilian sugarcane for inclusion in E85 and ED95. The ethanol is quality assured from environmental, climate and social perspectives.

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The system for verified sustainable ethanol is still in development and we appreciate comments and suggestions for improvements.

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