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Verification process

The setup will be similar to a quality-management system. Monitoring and verification will be carried out by an independent third party. In case the third party finds non-compliance, procedures are in place to ensure that this non-compliance is corrected and that it never reoccurs.

Three levels of non-compliance:
• Observation
    - Shall be corrected before next audit
• Minor non-compliance
     - Shall be corrected within 3 months
• Major non-compliance
     - A plan for mitigation shall be submitted within 14 days
     - Always followed by an extra audit

• Full traceability of all physical flows


The ethanol production chain has now been controlled
The Brazilian companies delivering the ethanol to the swedish fuel E85 are behaving properly according to a report by the independent revising company SGS (read more about SGS at www.sgs.com). The report was presented in a seminar held in Stockholm November 28th. All producing companies delivering ethanol to SEKAB has been controlled.

Download the presentations from the seminar:
Vanda Nunes, SGS
Per Carstedt, SEKAB
Anders Fredriksson, SEKAB
Peter Roberntz, WWF
Emmi Jozsa, SEKAB
Mathias Goldmann, Gröna Bilister



On our Q&A page you will find many questions about the sustainable ethanol initiative answered.

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The system for verified sustainable ethanol is still in development and we appreciate comments and suggestions for improvements.

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